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Frequently Asked Questions About Eyebrow Threading. We Are The Best Eyebrow Threading Near Me Service You Will Find in the  Miami, Florida Area. We service Coral Gables, Kendall, South Beach, Doral, Wynnwood and Brickell.

  • Does it hurt? Not as much as waxing by far, and it is done quickly and efficiently so you won't feel it for long. As soon as the hair is pulled there is no residual pain.

  • How Does Eyebrow Threading Work? It uses threads to pull out tiny hairs on any location of your face, mainly around the eyebrows. It stands out from waxing because no chemicals are used, it is reported to hurt less, and it can get those very fine “peach fuzz” type hairs around your eyebrows for a cleaner look.

  • How Much time Does it Take for a Session? Each session will take about fifteen minutes give or take depending on the area of the face and how much hair you need threaded. You should follow up for a new session about every month. Some people need it more often and some less, it depends on your hair growth.

Come to Flirt & Flutter Beauty Boutique For the Best Eyebrow Threading Near Me.

Are you on the quest for the best eyebrow threading near me? Flirt & Flutter Beauty Boutique is the answer you have been searching for. We offer eyebrow threading to clients in and around Atlanta so call today for your appointment with beauty.


Eyebrow threading is a fast procedure that hurts less and allows the technician to get finer hairs than waxing. You can have a clean face free from even the finest fuzz after a session of threading. Each session only takes about 15 minutes and lasts as long as waxing because the hair is pulled up from the root. If waxing lasts you a month, then this will too. Ask us about other services such as a facial or manicure while you have your threading appointment. We may be able to fit you in, in that moment.


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