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We Are The Best Eyebrow Waxing Near Me Service You Will Find in the  Miami, Florida Area. We service Coral Gables, Kendall, South Beach, Doral, Wynnwood and Brickell.

Are you searching online for “eyebrow waxing near me”? If so come in for our premium services for clean lines, professional care, and gentle yet effective action. Full eyebrows with clean lines are hot right now. But going about those clean lines with tweezers can leave you looking a bit off with chucks in some areas, and patches in others. We've seen it all and we have fixed many bad at-home do it yourself tweezing incidents. If you want the clean lines and full eyebrows you see around town today, then call us for a waxing appointment.


We also offer eyebrow tinting and even microblading if you want a more permanent full look. Waxing will clean the areas around your eyebrows, tinting can fill in the color and make you look made up even when you don't have a chance, and microblading will provide that professionally made up look even right when you wake up. Ask us about our services to make your eyebrows stand out in the best way today.

Do You Need a Waxing Salon Before The Weekend?

Are you wanting clean lines a smooth face and confidence at your event or date this coming weekend? We are the waxing salon to meet all of your hair-removal needs, and other salon services to keep you looking great.


Call us to see if you can fit in the schedule before Friday. We stay busy with clients who expect the best and return time and again for our quality services but we may have an opening from a cancellation. Even if we cannot fit you in this week we will likely have a space next week and once you've had your first waxing session with us we will set you up for your next one so you do not have to worry about trying to fit in the schedule you will have the priority of a regular customer at one of the premium spa and salons in the area.


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