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Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Eyebrow Look With Microblading?

Microblading is the latest in beauty technology to make your eyebrows look like a professional makeup artist shows up at your home each morning to get you looking so good. The secret is that a professional does do the job, however, it only needs to be done every few months because it is semi-permanent.


Microblading is much more convenient than taking the time to apply your eyebrow makeup each and every day. You just come in for a two hour session when your semi-permanent tattoo fades. The rate of fading is different for each person, it depends on the shade of the tattoo, how much you sweat, how oily your skin on your face is, and other components. Your second session and each one after will last longer than your very first microblading. Contact us for an appointment or if you have any questions about the procedure.

Stop Just Searching for Microblading Near Me, Come in For the Best in Town.

If you want quality microblading near me come to Flirt & Flutter Beauty Boutique. If you are ready to take the step and get your eyebrows done professionally and semi-permanently, call us for your consultation and appointment. We serve all of Atlanta with the best in care and you will instantly see results you can enjoy from the very first session so come in soon, and before your next event.


Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that allows a person to feel as confident as they do right after they apply their eyebrows, all of the time. After microblading your eyebrows will look like you just applied makeup, but natural, even after you get out of the pool, even after you wake up, after a workout, all of the time. It will save you at least ten minutes each morning and allow you to be as active as you please without worrying about your makeup melting off.

Quality Permanent Makeup is Available Closer Than You May Think.

Permanent makeup is actually semi-permanent makeup done by a professional who knows exactly how to apply tint to a specific area so it looks both natural and beautiful. If you want to bring attention to your eyes through eyelash tinting, microblading, or lash-lifts call us today for a consultation about these services and other permanent makeup services near you.


At Flirt & Flutter Beauty Boutique we treat clients in and around Atlanta with the best in salon services including facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, treading, permanent makeup and much more. We even bring many of our services to your door for a salon night in, a salon party, or for salon services for those who cannot get out of their homes for whatever reason. Consult the salon who offers premium services to make you look and feel great all year long in the whole of North and Central Georgia.

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