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Anti-Cellulit, in the form of gel, which causes a rubefacient effect. Recommended for hot cellutie treatments.



  • Centella Asiatica: Stimulates cell growth and the formation of Collagen
  • L-Carnitine: Favors the combustion of fats
  • Guranine (caffeine and teobromine):
  • Exert lipolytic action on the fat nodules
  • Ivy Extract: Decongestant and regulator of circulation
  • Holly ExtractL Anti-Cellulite and anti-oedematous action
  • Focus Extract: Algae with a large percentage of iodine, which gives it the anti-cellulite effect
  • Methy-nicotinate: Causes the effect of heat



Heat effect gel that has been specially designed to produce an intense effect of increasing temperature. It causes a superficial rubefacient effect that manifests itself with a slight reddening of the area and an increase in its temperature, both completely harmless effects that disappear after a few minutes. This hyperemic effect helps the penetration of the active ingredients and eliminate cellulite nodules.

Its excellent and effective formulation is enriched with anti-cellulite ingredients such as extracts of ivy, fucus, pennywort, guarana and carnitine. Thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients, it has a great reducing capacity, helping to eliminate fat and reduce orange peel skin, making the skin appear smoother and firmer and recovering the contour, mainly in the areas affected by cellulite.

This cream is a perfect ally to combat cellulite in our daily lives, and provide our skin with the necessary levels of moisture to make it look healthy and firm.



  • Stimulating and invigorating
  • Intense hydration.
  • Firming and reducing.

Suitable for vegans.
Tested under dermatological control.

Indicated for:

All skin types.


How To Use:

Apply generously on the areas with cellulite of greater volume on the body, especially buttocks, legs and abdomen.

Massage with energetic movements until completely absorbed.

It is recommended to wash your hands after its application, taking special care not to apply the cream to unwanted areas.

For better efficacy, it is recommended to apply prior to any physical activity.

Thermagel (Professional Use) 1000 ml

SKU: PQ101
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