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Ultarasonic lymphatic drainage is great for cosmetic surgeries such as ab etching, hi-definition 360 lipo, mommy makeover, bbl, fat transfer, thigh lipo, arm lipo and chin lipo. 

Book your Ultrasonic lymphatic drainage massage today at Blu Lemonade/ Flirt & Flutter Post Op Care.


What are the benefits of a Ultrasonic Lymphatic Drainage Massage? Using ultrasound waves and a gentle massage, the ultrasound lymphatic massage helps reduce swelling and ease uncomfortable side effects. Because ultrasonic lymphatic massage leads to drainage of built-up fluids, this activates the lymphatic system. This helps increase blood flow to the area which can quicken the healing process. In some patients, this may also minimize scar formation. Ultimately, it also can improve skin quality which benefits both the inward and outward healing of the incisions.This promotes healing and comfort during your recovery of cosmetic surgery. Great for those having bbl, lipo 360, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, thigh lip, arm lipo and chin lipo.

Book your session today or book a series. 


Based on 45 mins Sessions

Series of 3= $365

Series of 5=$575

Series of 7=$770

Series of 10= $1250


PrecioDesde $365.00
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