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The Blu Lemonade Slimming Machine is one of a kind. This device is a 6 in 1 functional probes which can cover the entire body. It functions included:

  • 40k ultrasound Cavitation
  • Radio Frequency Tripolar
  • Radio Frequencey Quadpolar
  • Laser Lipo
  • Vacum Suction
  • High Frequency Skincare/ Cellulite Massager


The Body Probes emitts sound waves whic causes certain friction and impact between the body fat. It consumes excess body heat and cells and reduces fat cells to achieve weight loss.


The RF (Radio Frequency Probes) can relieve eye fatigue, tight eye skin areas, reduce wrinkles, reduce facial puffines, reduce dark circles and elimante eye bags. 


Body Sculpting Cavitation Laser Lipo Machine (Blu

SKU: BS20218
$750.00 Regular Price
$562.50Sale Price
    • Main Machine x 1
    • Probes x 5
    • Large Laser Lipo Pads x 6
    • Small Laser Lipo Pads x 2
    • Holders for Laser Lipo Pads x 2
    • Beauty Probe Holder x 1
    • Belt x 1
    • Power Plug x 1
    • Manual x 1
  • This machine is safe and the manufacturer delivers the machine safe and guaranteed of a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

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