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This Vacuum Butt Lifting machine by Blu Lemonade Professionals is recommended for non-invasive brazilian butt lift treatments. It can also be used for skin lifting and tightening, body contouring, slimming, cupping and scraping. It helps promote lymphatic detoxification and blood circulation. It eliminates toxins through lymphatic circulationand treats cellulite while improving buttocks to help contour the body.


  • Suitable for face/body contour, improve skin elasticity and complexion
  • Very suitable for thin arms, abdomen, back, buttocks and legs, no side effects.
  • The blood circulation massage instrument can penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue seven millimeters, combined with deep massage to make blood gas flow, clear the breast acini, make invisible gas to drive visible blood, transport oxygen and nutrients to the breast, and stimulate the brain.
  • Pituitary secretion of female hormones, strengthen the connective tissue of the breast, stimulate the growth and development of the breast.


Vacuum Butt Lifting Machine (Blu Lemonade)

    • Main Machine x 1
    • 3 pairs of cups for breast
    • 3 pairs of cups for cupping
    • 6 Pairs gas cup for scrub
    • Metal Fingertip cups for rhythm massage x 3
    • shot connecting tubes x 2
    • long connecting tubes x 1
    • power line x 1
  • This product/machine includes a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

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